How to Use a Free File Sharing Service

A free peer to peer service is a wonderful way to talk about large data with friends or co-office workers. You can like to send your files by using a URL, or you can upload them to a web based storage program.

The most basic technique is to share a hyperlink to a record with your friends. If you want to accomplish in a more protected manner, you can use a password.

FilestoFriends gives a free program that let us you share 1GB of files. There are also premium packages that offer advanced security features and a maximum file size of 5GB. Some examples are features including password safety, tracking of the files right from seed to fruition, and an email plugin.

Dropbox is one of the many popular cloud-based file sharing services, and it is easy to see how come. Not only does that provide users with a efficient cloud space for storing, but it also consists of a browser extension that allows you to easily show files by any equipment.

Wikisend is yet another free peer to peer service that offers a host of features. While is actually not the most advanced or ground breaking, it has the still a great service. It has a simple user interface that makes it very simple to publish and share large files. Users can also write about data files via Facebook or myspace, forums, and E-mail.

If you are looking for a more robust, secure peer to peer solution, you should check out HighTail. This service scrambles your data files so they can be safe to transfer. Beyond the ability to publish and retail store large data files, the site supports importing and exporting out of Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.